Welcome to Rotman


Welcome to Rotman

About Rotman Arts and Science School

Founded in 2004, Rotman Arts and Science School (RASS), formerly Arts and Science Academy of Canada, was established to focus breadth and depth of study across a variety of disciplines and offering unique opportunities for advanced courses and independent study.

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Since then, RASS has grown into a day school that combines academic education with professional arts training. Our school varies in curriculums from kindergarten to grade 12. Small class sizes allow us to focus on the development of individual learners. Experienced teachers help students develop responsibility, creativity, and resilience.

Our philosophy positions students at the fundamental of their learning in a self-motivated environment where they are challenged to think critically and participate actively in their own education. While preparation for higher education is critical, our mission is to lead students to become considerate citizens who are independent, responsible to and respectful of themselves and others.

As a fully-fledged private school offering both academic and arts programs, RASS continues to develop our school facilities to meet various demands of our students. Beyond its academic goals consistent with a university preparatory education, our faculty is dedicated to supporting students who will be poised for achievement yet capable of facing difficulties.